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“Raising the bar”: each workbook connects with an extensive and free Online Study Program that is perfect for teachers, tutors, students and parents. This program consists of extensive online support for all exercises in the workbooks,  including slide presentations, tips and suggested responses, so that students can improve their written expression, acquire an analytical vocabulary and write A+ essays. All workbooks match the Australian Curriculum.

Analysing and presenting arguments (VCE) ($22.95)


  • Learn how to analyse an author’s argument, and identify their key reasoning and persuasive strategies.
  • Access our free Online Workbook Study Program and work through our “Suggested Responses”, Student samples and Assessor’s Tips.
  • Outcomes: Please click here to see the difference between our A+ workbook program and a C+ essay typical textbook-style essay. Plus compare a student’s before and after paragraph. Free postage.

Analysing & Presenting Arguments: a head start (Yrs 8-10)  

A+ (point-of-view) Essays = controlled structure, clear and convincing ideas +  clever use of reasoning and persuasive techniques.

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Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques: (Years 7-10) shows students how to analyse an argument and write their own — perfect foundation for scholarship tests, NAPLAN and the new VCE Study Design.  Students will also analyse a variety of persuasive text types and study  the most common grammatical errors. Please see Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques : Special Deal:  $22.95, FREE postage.

For Year 7 – 9 students and EAL students  ($14.95)

techniquessmallThe Techniques of Persuasion helps students acquire an analytical vocabulary so that they can evaluate an author’s persuasive and reasoning skills. Please Access our Free Online Workbook Study Program : suggested responses for each exercise plus extension activities that model analytical vocabulary.

Enjoy our Back to School Special: $14.95 (incl. postage)

 Years 9 – 10: Analysing arguments ($22.95 incl. postage)

become an expert webHow to analyse the author’s argument, their evidence, their biases, their reasons and reasoning techniques and their appeals and persuasive techniques.  Please access our free Online Workbook Study Program and learn how to write A+ responses, using an analytical vocabulary.

Please See our Special  Two Workbooks in One Deal

Clear Writing: Language and Grammar (Years 7-10) ($18.95)

grammarA knowledge of parts of speech and sentence elements helps students write grammatically correct sentences and punctuate with confidence. (That means, the essays will definitely stand out!)  A perfect reference book, Clear Writing: Language and Grammar helps students grasp effortlessly the specifications pertaining to grammar in the Australian Curriculum as it progresses from the simple to the more complex rules. (Years 7-10).

Special Workbook Deal: $18.95 (incl. postage)

Extra Special Summer Deal

Choose any Two Workbooks and pay just $35 (inc. postage). (Please email us your special choice.) Please see our recommended choice below.

Our workbooks (from Year 7 to Year 12) match the Australian Curriculum and focus on the skills you need to excel in English: good essays, consisting of good ideas, good writing skills and a sound and precise vocabulary.

Essays, articles, tips, online lessons, slideshows and  video lessons

essay writign 2We are expanding our range of multi-media products to enable you – teachers, parents and students – to help you get the best out of our workbooks.  Our online lessons, slideshows and video clips will cover specific essay-writing skills and offer word-building activities based on the analysis of persuasive tests.

To help you write essays on your texts, we include a wealth of text-response material. You must have a thorough and insightful grasp of your text in order to write sophisticated essays. In the various articles, I include the most relevant examples, anecdotes and quotes that I often use from the text.  I hope these help.

I also include essay-writing tips across a range of disciplines – expository, persuasive and creative.

Click here to see Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques, which will help you improve your structure, your depth and sequencing of ideas throughout your essay. (See pp 10-19 and p.39). We also include a chapter on different text types. See pp. 91-96 for guidance on an expository style feature essay. Also see Chapter 5: Better Sentences for some grammar tips.


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