Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques

super book pearl copyFor Superior Essays (Years 7 – 10)
ISBN: 978-0-9924942-3-0

Matches the Australian Curriculum: the “use of language to inform, persuade, entertain and argue”.
Excellent practice for class essays and oral presentations, for NAPLAN and scholarship tests and for clear thinking.

Essay-writing outcomes:

Students will:

  • write well-structured A+ essays with clear, fluent and cohesive paragraphs
  • write confident, persuasive topic sentences (each with a different focus)
  • write clever rebuttals (by identifying, and countering, a key weakness of the opponent)
  • use reasoning techniques to improve the logical construction of their essay and the depth of ideas (eg. interpret relevant evidence with reference to experts and statistics and use strategies such as analogies);
  • use persuasive strategies to improve the persuasive power of their ideas
  • use linking strategies to signpost a logical progression of ideas
  • write grammatically correct sentences and apply correct punctuation.

Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques:

Better Essays Workbook plus Free Online Study Exercise Program
  1. See Chapter 1: A point-of-view essay (pp 5-15)
  2. See Chapter 2: Reasoning Strategies (Ex. 5- 16 (pp 23-42)
  3. See Chapter 3: Persuasive Strategies (Ex. 17-28 )  (pp 43-76)
  4. See Chapter 4: Persuasive Text Types (Ex..)  (pp 77-93)

Excellent resource for Naplan and Scholarship Tests

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