Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques

super book pearl copyFor Superior Essays (Years 7 – 10)
ISBN: 978-0-9924942-3-0

Perfect practice for NAPLAN
Matches the Australian Curriculum: the “use of language to inform, persuade, entertain and argue”.
Easy to follow and systematic
A head-start to VCE: Area Study 2: analysing and presenting arguments

Key features of Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques:

Students will gain a knowledge of persuasive texts (arguments).

The workbook:

  • introduces students to the key features of an essay/argument;
  • helps students identify a range of reasoning and persuasive techniques;
  • shows students how to identify common appeals (an author’s values);
  • provides strategies to help students identify the flaws and biases in an opponent’s argument;
  • introduces students to a range of persuasive text types, their purpose and context;
  • consists of 53 exercises based on current issues.

Students will write A+ point-of-view essays by:

  • applying sophisticated reasoning and persuasive strategies;
  • writing confident topic sentences;
  • selecting relevant evidence with reference to experts and statistics;
  • signposting a logical progression of ideas; and by
  • identifying the flaws in their opponents’ arguments in order to write better rebuttals.

Students will improve the quality of their writing:

  • Students will use better words and appropriate metalanguage.
  • They will write better sentences by avoiding 10 grammatical pitfalls.
  • They will apply correct punctuation and show a sound awareness of the conventions of Standard Australian English.
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