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web grammarA perfect reference book for students to learn the specifications of grammar (Australian Curriculum), Clear Writing: Language and Grammar also has a “suggested responses” disc for teachers as well as online support for students.

The workbook encourages students, at each stage, to apply their knowledge and skills to a range of text types that they are studying in class. It also helps students “write better sentences” by applying their knowledge of grammar.

See a sample of extension activities based on the knowledge acquired in Chapter 1 of the workbook. These examples help students confidently identify parts of speech and phrases. Answers are included.

Chapter 1: Parts of Speech:  Extra activities

Chapter 2: Sentences :  Extra activities

Chapter 3: Punctuation: Extra activities

Ask Dr Grammar how you can improve your expression

Other tasks to help you improve

To purchase the workbook, “Clear Writing: Language and Grammar” ($21.95) please click here.


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