YEARS 7-10

walker and banner copyWelcome to English Works!

For those of you who are using our workbooks, thank you for your support. For those of you who are purchasing our workbooks, we recommend them!

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Our website offers an extensive range of support material for our workbooks that is also available on our CD-ROM Kit for Teachers. See Language Analysis Resources (Years 7-10).

For each of our workbooks, we have compiled a “series of lessons (red workbook)” and “series of lessons (green workbook)” with exercises, extension tasks and suggested responses. There are also Slideshows.

So that students can extend their reasoning skills and more insightfully analyse an author’s views, tone and word choice, we are also publishing numerous word sheets/games/exercises focussed on the acquisition of an analytical vocabulary.

For a sample, please see “building an analytical vocabulary”.

We will also post regular “what’s new” articles that will offer extra tips and exercises to complement those in the workbooks.

We would welcome your feedback. What do you find most useful? What would you like more of?