Red Workbook Tasks

suggested responsesThe Techniques of Persuasion

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We have devised the following Series of Lessons and extension activities to help students (and teachers) gain maximum value from the workbooks. These are an ideal correction resource for teachers. They are also ideal as an independent self-directed learning program for students.

  1. Also, each of the exercises has extension “taking it further” activities, such as “technique spotting” and prose writing.
  2. For an overview, refer to the Slideshow: An introduction to persuasive techniques:
  3. Lesson 1: introduction to techniques
  4. Lesson 2: building a tone vocabulary pp. 9-17.
  5. Lesson 3: evidence and appeals. pp. 28-54.
  6. Lesson 4: extension activities and sample paragraphs
  7. Lesson 5: from short answer to prose. A series of extension exercises encourage you to rework the articles and turn your answers into a fluent paragraph.
  8. Lesson 6: Revision tasks, pp. 56-61.

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“I started using Jenny’s workbooks in her workshops in Year 7, and they helped to sharpen my persuasive skills, so that my persuasive essays also improved phenomenally as have my marks for English. I’ve worked through a lot of the exercises online and have just gained so much more confidence with writing.” Kim Ly. (Now in Year 10 at Kilbreda College)