(Red) Techniques of Persuasion

Top of the Class for Students in Years 7-8-9 and EAL students ($14.95)techniques
ISBN: 978-0-9808397-2-2

  • Perfect introduction to persuasive techniques
  • Perfect for students who wish to improve their reasoning and persuasive techniques and vocabulary for scholarships and for NAPLAN tests.

Techniques Workbook
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  • follow the Lessons  (1-7) and suggested responses for all exercises (41)
  • complete the online extension activities, improve your thinking skills and write with confidence
    1. Lesson 1: Viewpoints  (Exercises 1 to 4 ; pp 3 – 8)
    2. Lesson 2: Tone and Style   (Exercises 5 to 10; pp. 9-17).
    3. Lesson 3: The Author’s Words  (Exercises 11 – 18, pp. 18-27).
    4. Lesson 4: Evidence and Reasons.  (Exercises 19 to 32) pp. 28-43).
    5. Lesson 5: the Author’s Appeals   (Exercises 33 – 53; pp. 44-53)
    6. Lesson 6: What is the impact:  (Exercise 40, p. 55-57)
    7. See a Summary Page of the Extension Exercises : now “taking it further”
    8. Lesson 7: Revision tasks, pp. 56-61.
    9. Overview: refer to the Slideshow: An introduction to persuasive techniques

“I started using Jenny’s workbooks in her workshops in Year 7, and they helped to sharpen my persuasive skills, so that my persuasive essays also improved phenomenally as have my marks for English. I’ve worked through a lot of the exercises online and have just gained so much more confidence with writing.” Kim Ly. (Now in Year 10 at Kilbreda College)

Options for use: Please click here if you would like to buy an immediate PDF version. This PDF version of the workbook includes all the exercises that you will need so that you can follow these extension activities and suggested responses.


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  • a copy of each of the five workbooks (Techniques of Persuasion, The Language of Persuasion: become an expert; The Language of Persuasion: an essay-writing guide; Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques and Clear Writing: language and grammar);
  • the CD-Rom support kit with extensive support material
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