The Language of Persuasion series seeks to raise the standard in this vitally important area of the Australian Curriculum. The program targets students who wish to aim high and improve their analytical skills, expression and level of sophistication. The Language of Persuasion consists of three workbooks ranging from Years 7-12.

techniquesTechniques of Persuasion (Series 1)
(978-0-9808397-2-2) ($21.95)

An introduction for students in Years 7 to 8: This workbook consists of concise explanations and graphics that will help students identify the author’s views, tone and word choice. It provides a logical step-by-step approach to the most important persuasive techniques and their purpose and introduces students to tone words and definitions. Ideal for EAL and foundation students.

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expertThe Language of Persuasion: become an expert (Series 2)
(978-0-9808397-6-0) ($22.95)

Development of skills for students in Years 9 to 10: Explanations, tips and tables as well as a range of targeted extension activities help students develop their knowledge of persuasive techniques. They focus on: the author’s views and degree of bias, their evidence and reasoning tactics; variations in tone, style and choice of words and appeals and their impacts. Students will also analyse, and compare, a variety of text types.

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languageessayThe Language of Persuasion: an essay writing guide (Series 3)
(978-0-9808397-9-1) ($22.95)

This workbook provides a concise introduction to the factors that contribute to a coherent essay. A series of guided essay plans with explanations helps students prioritise the key persuasive tactics.  They focus on the author’s reasoning strategies, the portrayal of the key stakeholders, attacking techniques and figurative language devices. These plans encourage insightful responses by focusing on an author’s subtext and ensures that students write fluent and cohesive essays with an emphasis on comparative-style analysis.

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super book pearl copyBetter essays and Persuasive Techniques
(978-0-9924942-3-0) ($24.95)

This new  Super Textbook covers the process of structuring a persuasive essay and introduces students to a variety of reasoning and persuasive strategies that will help them apply more effectively the TEEL structure. Students will also analyse a variety of persuasive text types and learn how to use their most important features. A chapter on “Writing Better Sentences” also alerts students to typical grammatical pitfalls that they should avoid.

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grammarClear writing: language and grammar
978-0-9808397-1-5 ($21.95)

This workbook follows a diagrammatic and illustrative format so that students can effortlessly learn the rules of grammar without the frustration. Students will confidently identify the different parts of speech in order to avoid common grammatical errors while a knowledge of sentence structures and types will help students write clear and correctly punctuated sentences.

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