School Support

The Language of Persuasion Series

You can purchase our workbooks individually or as a set. Then follow our online support material for each workbook so that you will gain maximum value from the extension activities, tips and responses.

The online support

  • helps you apply the metalanguage as outlined in the workbooks with confidence in your written expression;
  • helps you achieve depth of ideas and explain the purpose of the author’s persuasive techniques;
  • helps you gain confidence with your “technique spotting”
  • extends the articles and exercises in the workbooks and ensures that you work towards a fluent discussion.

The workbooks can be purchased via links below:

  1. See Techniques of Persuasion and the Red Workbook Tasks and Taking it Further exercises
  2. See The Language of Persuasion: become an expert and the Green Workbook Tasks and Taking it Further Exercises
  3. See The Language of Persuasion: an essay-writing guide and the Orange workbook tasks and “taking it further” exercises