English Works classes

profile jenny 034Dr Jennifer Minter holds a range of intensive English sessions for students who wish to improve their essay-writing, analytical and written skills from Years 6/7 to Year 12.

Please see this link for a detailed outline: following the New VCE Study Design 2016-2020 And please see our Homework Page for our Classes

VCE and VCE preparation classes focus on:

  • how to write an A+ essay for text response  (Area Study 1) (passage analysis; advanced notes; summaries and essay and paragraph planning)
  • how to write an A+ essay on book pairs (compare-and-contrast essays) (Area Study 2)  (advanced notes for thinking and character analysis notes/summaries)
  • how to write A+ essays for language analysis (Area Study 3) (workbooks published by Dr Jennifer Minter)
  • sophisticated written expression and polished use of vocabulary.
  • For more detailed information see VCE Workshops and classes.
  • See VCE Preparation: Years 9-10-11

Scholarship and Year 7-9 classes

  • efficient and thorough essay-writing skills
  • workshopping of creative pieces to improve character insights, originality and message
  • advanced comprehension and reasoning skills
  • persuasive reasoning and vocabulary extension
  • See Head Start Classes: Years 7-8

Tasks and exercises 

  • We will do an exercise each week from the Yellow Book, relating to Techniques and Essays
  • Creative writing: we will work on people stories such as Two of Us; and themes. See our summary.
  • Pls see the tasks on Identity and Difference: Write an analysis of characters: Please personalise the story. Why are they different? How do they cope with their differences, ie positives and negatives.
  • Focus on New Vocabulary and Spelling – common words to improve  
  • Creative work and English extension: we will read texts/passages from a variety of texts such as Christmas Carol, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

Lesson costs:

  • $35 for 5/6 students (VCE preparation classes/language analysis and scholarship classes)
  • $55 per 3 students (per hour/Year 12)
  • $65 per 2 students (per hour/Year 12)
  • Costs vary, depending upon student’s needs.

Resources: lessons include free workbooks published by English Works with online support; hand-outs on articles and short stories. (Please bring plastic sleeve folders to class.)

How to improve your expression
    1. Please see these tips for expression.
    2. Please click : See Checklist for Technique Identification.
    3. Please click here for “tone test” practice: learn some extra metalanguage:
      Tone Test One
      Tone Test Four
    4. Please click here for the Techniques Summary Page
    5. Please click here for the Techniques Checklist/Summary Page
    6. Please bring to every class