Clear Writing: Language and Grammar

grammar Students in Years 7-10
ISBN: 978-0-9808397-1-5: $21.95
Matches criteria in the Australian Curriculum

CHAPTER 1 enables students to confidently identify the parts of speech in order to avoid common grammatical errors. (Different types of nouns, pronouns and verbs; the difference between adverbs and adjectives as well as prepositions and conjunctions.)

CHAPTER 2 helps students distinguish between different types of phrases and clauses, sentence types and sentence structures. They will learn to identify subject-object and verb-object constructions and the link between clauses and types of conjunctions.

CHAPTER 3 builds upon the knowledge of phrases and clauses to outline the rules relating to punctuation. It covers the differences between a comma, semicolon and colon; focuses on the use of apostrophes and speech marks and encourages students to quote correctly and use embedded clauses for stylistic purposes.

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  1. See Sample Pages and the corresponding Suggested Responses which are available on a CD-ROM kit.
  2. See examples from workbook: “Adjectives enliven your writing” and Revision Tasks.
  3. Each chapter has extension activities/online support. (See Grammar Support)  See sample pages of our “Writing Better Sentences” (available on e-book).

The English Works Pack ($100): Includes:

  • a copy of each of the five workbooks (Techniques of Persuasion, The Language of Persuasion: become an expert; The Language of Persuasion: an essay-writing guide; Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques and Clear Writing: language and grammar);
  • the CD-Rom support kit with extensive support material
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    E-book 4: “Writing Better Sentences” (expanded grammar tips and exercises to help you write clearer and grammatically correct sentences). See E-Book 4: Writing Better Sentences

    See Slideshow: How a knowledge of grammar can help