The Language of Persuasion: become an expert

become an expert flyer2Perfect your Language Analysis Skills
(ISBN 978-0-9924942-0-9)
Years 9 – 10.

Chapter 1 focuses on persuasive and reasoning techniques such as:

  • the author’s views and credentials, their credibility and degree of bias
  • the author’s evidence and reasoning tactics
  • the author’s appeals
  • the author’s choice of words and their implications
  • an author’s variations in tone and style.

Chapter 2 introduces students to a range of media texts and their persuasive features: editorial and opinion pieces (online and print-based); letters to the editor and Your Say comments; cartoons; visual texts, speeches, TV news and radio interviews.

Chapter 3 provides an essay plan and paragraph maps to help students structure their essays. Students will apply the analytical terms they have learnt through the workbook and focus on the main persuasive features as covered in Chapters 1 and 2.

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    “I began using The Language of Persuasion (Become an Expert) in Year 10. It immediately improved my vocabulary and my ability to produce quality analytical pieces – thus providing me with a strong foundation to transition seamlessly into Year 12 English. The books introduced me to metalanguage and analysis techniques in a very coherent and accessible format.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Jenny’s resources for students aiming for an A+ grade in Year 12.” Brendan L. (44)  (John Monash:  Award for Excellence in English)

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