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become an expert flyer2Go to the Top of the Class: Years 9-10-11.

Perfect your Language Analysis Skills and your written expression and Become an Expert  (ISBN 978-0-9924942-0-9)

Chapter 1 furthers your knowledge of persuasive and reasoning techniques.

Chapter 2 introduces you to a range of media texts and their persuasive features: editorial and opinion pieces (online and print-based); letters to the editor and Your Say comments; cartoons; visual texts, speeches, TV news and radio interviews.

Chapter 3 provides an essay plan and paragraph maps to help you structure essays. You will apply analytical terms and focus on the main persuasive features covered in Chapters 1 and 2.

Cost: $22.95 (free postage)

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become an expert flyer2

  1. See a slideshow overview: Become an expert
  2. See Lesson 1: views, tone and style (Ex. 1 – 13)
  3. See Lesson 2: author’s words (Ex. 8 – 14)
  4. See Lesson 3: author’s appeals (Ex 15-17)
  5. See Lesson 4: author’s reasons (Ex 18 – 21)
  6. See Lesson 5: author’s attack (Ex. 22 – 27)
  7. See Lesson 6: tasks on media (Ex. 36-38)
  8. See Lesson 7: Writing the Essay, (Ex 41-42)
  9. Summary of “Now Turn to: Taking it Further” Exercises Page

Please see our slideshow for an overview:

The English Works Pack ($100): Includes:

  • a copy of each of the five workbooks (Techniques of Persuasion, The Language of Persuasion: become an expert; The Language of Persuasion: an essay-writing guide; Better Essays and Persuasive Techniques and Clear Writing: language and grammar);
  • the CD-Rom support kit with extensive support material
  • $10.00 postage.

    “I began using The Language of Persuasion (Become an Expert) in Year 10. It immediately improved my vocabulary and my ability to produce quality analytical pieces – thus providing me with a strong foundation to transition seamlessly into Year 12 English. The books introduced me to metalanguage and analysis techniques in a very coherent and accessible format.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Jenny’s resources for students aiming for an A+ grade in Year 12.” Brendan L. (44)  (John Monash:  Award for Excellence in English)

    Teacher’s or Tutor’s Pack: 5 copies ($50.00 – free postage)


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