Green Workbook Tasks

We have devised the following Series of Lessons to help students (and teachers) gain maximum value from the workbooks.

The Language of Persuasion: become an expert

become an expert flyer2

  1. See a slideshow overview: Become an expert
  2. Work through the exercises: Now Turn to Exercise Page
  3. See Lesson 1: the author’s tactics and terminology See pp. 3-19. You will be familiar with the tone words from Series 1: Techniques of Persuasion. We must continue to revise these.
  4. See Lesson 2: depiction of stakeholders. See pp. 20-35.
  5. See Lesson 3:building paragraphs. See pp. 18, 21, 25.
  6. See Lesson 4:the purpose and impact: depth and subtext. See p. 38
  7. See Lesson 5: writing your essays. See pp. 66-72
  8. To perfect your expression, use of analytical vocabulary, and ability to identify and analyse techniques, please see our supplementary e-books.

Please see our slideshow for an overview:

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