Red Workbook Extension: “Taking it further”

Perfect for EAL students (for SAC and Exams)

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Techniques of Persuasion: technique spotting

(See Checklist for Technique Identification). This checklist provides a summary of the skills that you have learnt in this workbook. Use this checklist as the basis for the following “taking it further” exercises. These exercises help you “spot” the techniques and explain their purpose. (They are excellent for written practice. To get the most out of these exercises, you can purchase the workbook below.)

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  1. Now  Turn to Exercise 7, p. 11
  2. Now turn to Exercise 19, Doing their best, p. 30
  3. Now turn to Exercise 26, Plastiki, p. 37
  4. Now turn to Exercise 27: Sharing the Fat load, p. 38
  5. Now turn to Exercise 30, Smoking at home kills, p. 41
  6. Now turn to Exercise 33, Anna’s Mother, p. 45
  7. Now turn to Exercise 34: Animal testing, p. 46
  8. Now turn to Exercise 37: Big Brother is Watching you, p. 40
  9. Now turn to Revision Exercises 41-44, pp 56-57
  10. Now turn to page 65: Exercise on euthanasia: spot the techniques and write a short comparison
  11. Two extra exercises: red workbook tasks and skills
  12. Return to Red Workbook Overview and Lessons

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