Analysing Arguments: perfect practice for VCE

Making a Real Difference: New VCE Study Design: Analysing and presenting arguments ($22.95) Free postage

Analysing Arguments; an essay-writing guide  includes paragraph and essay plans relating to an author’s key arguments/views and their persuasive and reasoning analysing-and-presenting-copystrategies.

  • Purchase a copy for just $22.95 and you can work through the exercises and our tips.
  • In order to write an A+ essay, you must clearly and succinctly identify the author’s main contention and supporting reasons (in your own words); identify the persuasive strategies that are critical to the author’s views, and evaluate their purpose. Choose appropriate quotes for a word-level analysis.
  • Our online support also includes: “suggested responses”; paragraph plans, and most importantly, the metalanguage (analytical vocabulary) that will make a Real Difference to the quality of your response.
  • Please click here to see the difference between our A+ essay-method and a C+ essay (typical textbook-style)
  • Compare a student’s paragraph before and after using this A+ Workbook.
  • A+ paragraphs/essays.   $22.95 

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