Techniques of Persuasion

techniquesStudents in Years 7-8 and EAL
ISBN: 978-0-9808397-2-2)

A step-by-step introduction to:

  • the author’s views, tone, style and choice of words;
  • the author’s evidence and reasons; and
  • the author’s appeals and values.

The “Why” boxes help students think about the impact of these techniques, while the tone words and definitions help students analyse texts more accurately.

The 41 exercises and “suggested responses” help students acquire an analytical vocabulary and write sentences with an analytical focus.

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  1. Please download the Sample Pages from the workbook and the corresponding Suggested Responses Sample for teachers and students.
  2. Please refer to Workbook Tasks which consists of a series of Lesson Plans and “Getting started with Persuasive Techniques”.
    “A typical exercise: The Techniques of Persuasion.”
  3. Slideshow: The Techniques of Persuasion.

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