YEARS 11-12

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Welcome to English Works!

For those of you who are using our workbooks, thank you for your support. For those of you who are purchasing our workbooks, we recommend them!

Our website offers an extensive range of support material for our workbooks that is also available on our CD-ROM Kit for Teachers. There are a series of lessons, extension activities and slideshows. We have a booklet on “suggested responses”. Essay Writing guide Suggested Responses. We are also developing online tutorials. See The Language of Persuasion: an essay writing guide.

Our essay-writing resources for language analysis are ideal for students in Years 11 and 12. They consist of guided paragraphs and essay maps so that students can write a cohesive and fluent essay. We encourage them to read articles holistically and prioritise the (overlapping) techniques and word choices that are critical to an author’s argument. To avoid repetition, students will, preferably, hone in on different tactics as the argument progresses and filter throughout references to the author’s tone and tonal changes. Identifying the “big picture” techniques/word choices helps students avoid listing and summarising; it helps students avoid repetition in the essay and also enables a deeper reading of the subtext and the implications of an author’s choice of words.

We have developed slideshows that complement the workbooks.

We will also post regular “what’s new” blogging articles, which will offer extra tips and exercises to complement those in the workbooks. See the latest post on differences between an A+ essay and an average essay.
See, “writing an essay on persuasive techniques”.

We would welcome your feedback. What do you find most useful? What would you like more of?

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