Study Page for Blackburn High Students

Year 12 Study notes for English

Section A: Text Response
    1. See Notes and Plans for No Sugar 
    2. Extra notes for No Sugar
    3. Study notes for The Thing around Your Neck
    4. See Summary notes for Cell One
    5. See Notes for Creative Strategies that authors often use
Section : Text Pairs
  1. See Notes for Crucible
  2. See Crucible: dilemmas and choices
  3. See Notes for Year of Wonders
Area Study 2: Arguments, Language and Persuasion
  1. See Early Bird Notes for VCE students practice for “arguments” and see a sample response
  2. Some Quick Tips: Language analysis and Video Session
  3. Avoid summarising and ensure a focus on purpose: sentences make a big difference: key to Language analysis
  4. See Suggested Responses and Paragraph Plans for typical persuasive texts
  5. Sample Responses to Past Exam (VCAA) papers
  6. Please see Sample VCAA Language Analysis Comments and Suggestions Year 12 exam
  1. Here are the paragraph samples from our session on Wednesday
  2. Sentences make a big difference: key to Language analysis
  3. See Paragraph Samples and Tips for EAL Language Analysis
  4. See Notes and Plans for No Sugar 
  5. See short notes for No Sugar – examples of racism.
  6. Extra notes for No Sugar

Please send me a request with any other notes or samples you are looking for!

Other Schools: please contact me with your requests. I would like to expand this service to Year 12 Students and gain the support of local businesses for sponsorship of your students.